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Alternatives For Body, Mind, and Spirit
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Alternatives For Body, Mind & Spirit

Tarot Master & Teacher

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30 Years Experience
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Looking for advice or guidance on careers, finances, love life? 
Please call for an appointment with Linda 914-347-5848
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Located in Elmsford, NY
Alternatives For Body Mind And Spirit | The Most Accurate Psychic in the Hudson Valley
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(914) 347-5848
About the Psychic

​Linda has been a student of Parapsychology for over 30 years. She has written two books: Linda’s Guide to White Magic, Friends, the Other F Word and, soon to be 
released Tarot Textbook. She is a Master Tarot Card reader/Psychic & teaches classes in Tarot and Developing Psychic abilities. Her readings are comprehensive using Tarot, Astrology, Psychometry & light trance channeling. She has an empathetic approach using the cards for guidance and insight, not fortune-telling. She opened Alternatives in 1993 carrying candles, oils, & Sage, etc. She is a Reiki Practitoner and has studied Past-Life Regression, Feng Shui and many New Age subjects.

Her clients are nationwide and her reputation is impeccable. Her rates are competitive and you are welcome to call for further information.
How She Can Help

​Linda is one of the very most knowledgeable psychics in Westchester, and the entire Hudson Valley. While she is located in Elmsford NY, she is available to 
assist anyone in the Hudson Valley area who are in need of a psychic, tarot card reader, or trance channeling.

Not only is she a master tarot card reader and psychic, she is also a skilled teacher who can help you learn how to read tarot cards, understand astrology & psychometry, and developing your own psychic abilities. With Linda's assistance and guidance, you too can discover you own psychic abilities.

Are you ready to see how Linda can help you? 
To learn more, or get in contact with Linda, call (914) 347-5848.
Her Expertise

Linda specializes in a wide array of abilities including tarot card reading, astrological readings, psychometry, light trance channeling. and much more in the way of parapsychology.
Unlike other psychics, Linda has been studying parapsychology for over 30 years.  She is not a fortune teller, but gives insight and guidance to those in need of it.

She has also studied many New Age subjects and teachings that is sure to help you bring further insight into your life. 

She is the most reliable psychic in the Hudson Valley area.

There are many ways in which she can help you, but first you need to reach out to her You won't regret it!
The Best Psychic Reader in Westchester
Tarot Card & Psychic Teaching
Alternatives For Body Mind And Spirit